Chapter Overviews

To contend for the significance and authenticity, just as the “validness” of Cajun

tongue humor, I have partitioned this work into seven sections. The main section has, I trust,

effectively established the “Issue” that Cajun tongue humor faces inside

also,  victor mamou without its social limits, particularly in accordance with the social character. I

have entitled this part The Clash of Culture(s) on the grounds that I see battles inside the

Cajun people group about what establishes the propriety of conduct, however I additionally observe a

battle over what is spoken to the rest of the world. Outcasts and their form of the


Cajun people group fill in as the attract for the travel industry to Louisiana, the number two industry in

the state. Since the sightseers are additionally a factor in the choices being made, they are, at that point,

part of the “issue.”

The subsequent part Preserving a Cultural Identity subtleties crafted by the

guards, fence-jumpers, and the society in the safeguarding of a social personality. I will

be utilizing the African-American people group, and their guardians, as a correlation with

those in the Cajun people group. While there is an uncommon uniqueness to each gathering, there

are sure similitudes inside the two societies. Both offer the experience of diaspora and

oust. Both have been underestimated, particularly in the zone of intensity. Both comprehend what it

intends to possess the lower rung of the financial stepping stool in America.

In the third section, I will investigate the early history of the Acadians and how they

made a social personality. I will clarify how that personality was changed from a heritage

to a fantasy and afterward to a generalization. I will follow the establishments of the Acadian public and

how they were evacuated from their country. The fourth part will pass on the history

of Cajun lingo humor, where untouchables started Performing the Cultural Identity to pester

Louisiana government officials and to influence Louisiana legislative issues. This safe humor was very

effective however would lead, numerous decades later, to a confrontation inside the Cajun


Section Five will investigate the discussion over the “propriety” of Cajun vernacular

humor as it was happened in the media and in the network. I will break down the pressure

inside the network and the waiting feeling of disgrace that floats over the presentation

of Cajun humor and a few entertainers. The difference additionally appears to have reflected the

ethnic battles in the remainder of the nation too. Keeping that in mind, I will be taking a gander at the


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