Deliver apps and features on demand with the Android App Bundle

By distributing your applications utilizing the Android App Bundle, you can lessen the size of your application, rearrange discharges, and convey highlights on request. On account of its additional advantages, the Android App Bundle is the suggested distributing design on Google Play.

How application groups work

Application packs utilize another serving model, known as Google Play’s Dynamic Delivery, to fabricate and convey APKs that are improved for every gadget setup. By evacuating unused code and assets for different gadgets, this conveyance model outcomes in a littler, increasingly effective application for clients to introduce.

Note: To utilize application groups, you should try out application marking by Google Play.

Dynamic highlights

Google Play Instant

Extra dialects

Advantages of transferring an application group

With application groups, you just need to construct, sign, and transfer a solitary antique so as to help streamlined APKs for a wide assortment of gadget setups. Google Play at that point oversees and serves your application’s APKs for you. Accordingly, you don’t have to oversee form codes for every blend of ABI, screen thickness, and district that you need to help. Additionally, by utilizing application groups, you can profit by continuous enhancements that are added to the conveyance procedure.

Contrasted with APKs, application groups:

Have littler download sizes and littler size on circle

Can utilize uncompressed local libraries (Android 6.0 and up) that are put away on the APK rather than the client’s gadget, which can bring down download sizes, size on plate, and establishment times

Serve clients the usefulness and setups they need on request, rather than during establishment

Improve manufacture and discharge the executives by expelling the need to fabricate and distribute various APKs

At the point when you transfer an application pack to your Play Console, Google Play sends an advanced double for the gadget.

Android 5.0 and up: Play will create a base APK, arrangement APKs, and dynamic element APKs (if relevant)

Beneath Android 5.0: Play will produce multi-APKs server-side

Redo include conveyance

On the off chance that you have consent to “Oversee testing track discharges” on the Play Console, you can distribute secluded application groups with dynamic component modules to any discharge track.

Significant: To utilize dynamic component modules, audit the dynamic element modules documentation for Android Studio and figure out how to join them into your application.

You can convey dynamic component modules in a couple of various ways:

Restrictive conveyance: Modules are conveyed at introduce time dependent on conditions, for example, client nation, gadget highlights, and least SDK adaptation..

On request conveyance: Install and uninstall modules varying, rather than conveying them to all clients for the lifetime of your application.

Moment encounters: Modules can be moment empowered to offer moment encounters from joins and the Try Now button on your application’s store posting that don’t require a client to introduce your application first.

Survey your application pack subtleties

To see and download the APKs that Google Play creates from your application pack:

Go to your Play Console.

Select an application.

On the left menu, select Release the board > App discharges.

Close to the track that contains the application pack that you’d prefer to see, select Manage.

Under “Application groups included,” select the application pack that you’d prefer to see.

Select Explore application pack.

Select the APKs per gadget arrangement or Auto-created multi-APKs tab.

APKs per gadget arrangement: This tab incorporates the base, design, and dynamic element APK subtleties that are served to gadgets running Android 5.0 and up.

Auto-created multi-APKs: This tab incorporates multi-APKs that are served to gadgets running anything lower than Android 5.0. These APKs profit by screen thickness and ABI improvements, however they incorporate each language. On the off chance that your application’s minSdkVersion is in any event Android 5.0 (API level 21), you won’t see this tab.

APK subtleties and downloads

To see insights regarding APKs produced from your application group, go to the head of the screen and select an application pack starting from the drop. android remote administration tools

Size investment funds

View the size investment funds you picked up by distributing an application group.

Size investment funds depend on the APK got by a well known gadget design, contrasted with the all inclusive APK (which contains the entirety of your assets, code, and resources). Size reserve funds normally originate from sending upgraded language, thickness, and ABI assets per gadget.

Download produced APKs

To test your application on a gadget, download the produced APKs for every gadget design by choosing the download bolt .

APK subtleties

View insights regarding screen thickness, ABI, and introduced APK size.

APKs produced from application packs have a greatest size breaking point. In the event that your APK has a packed size at the hour of download that is higher than 150MB, you’ll see a red blunder symbol in the “Introduced APK size” segment. Select the line with the mistake to discover the gadgets where your application group is creating huge APKs. Diminish the size of your application, at that point transfer another application group.

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