It consolidates standard


It consolidates standard features that are commonly simply held for extensively more expensive target firearms as over the top updates.

Overall weight: 28.2 ounces  Taurus Handguns for sale

Taurus TH40 owners state:

Glorious gun

Wonderful look and feel

Light. Love the grips.

4. Range

taurus handguns – run

The most sensible Taurus handgun, the Taurus Spectrum is stacked in .380 ACP and shows up in a wide scope of tones and wraps up. This minor gun is lightweight, easy to work and significantly more straightforward to shoot.

The innovative Spectrum design is furnished with sensitive touch sheets facilitated into the slide and ergonomic hold layout. It’s worked to pass on better responsiveness, comfort and control than some other firearm in its gathering.

Low profile fixed sights, balanced edges and a DAO striker-ended action ensure quick knot free game plan in an emergency.

Features and specs:

2.8″ Barrel

6-round flush magazine

7-round expanded magazine

Low-profile fixed sights

Overall length: 3.8″

Overall weight: 10 ounces

Taurus Spectrum owners state:

Exceptional standard pass on weapon

Conveniently secured

Genuinely easy to shoot… incredible expense

5. Judge

taurus handguns – judge

The Taurus Judge is a .45 Long Colt/.410 Bore gun that arrives in a couple of assorted barrel lengths and consummations. It’s one of the most well known twofold movement guns accessible today.

With the capacity to chamber either a .410 shotshell or a .45 Long Colt cartridge, you have a response for practically any self-security circumstance.

Additionally, it makes a marvelous bug control firearm around the homestead or the farm. Just having the option to utilize a .410 shotshell in a limited group that you can carry on your hip is a particular favorable position for a large number individuals.

There are a wide arrangement of notable Taurus handguns in the 1911 style, anyway remarkable contrasted with other selling assortments is the Full Size 1911 .45 ACP version with a 5″ barrel, 8-round magazine, Novak sights and walnut wood handles with a matte dull fulfillment.

What sets the Taurus 1911 isolated from the resistance is the way that Taurus uses hammer-produced weapons grade steel for the packaging, slide and barrel.

This consistency in materials makes it straightforward for the skilled weapon smiths to hand fit and get together all of the firearms in the top tier handling plant.

AUGUST 16, 2020 AT 3:44 AM

I have a G2c and I love it I have short fingers n little hands it fits perfect n I love the hangs on it I dont feel like it will escape my hands I just got it and took it to the range and I acknowledged shooting it offers thanks toward Taurus


JUNE 21, 2020 AT 7:47 PM

I own a 111 and love it..compact and has never stayed with unassuming smmo not in any manner like my significant other’s SW 380 Shield which is demanding about ammo


APRIL 15, 2020 AT 3:35 AM

Dear Sir

I have a Taurus PT 917 cs , I may need to no whats the Guns worth

or then again is it a brilliant idea to change it for a later model

your information will be significantly esteemed




DECEMBER 3, 2019 AT 5:51 AM

I have three G2 Millennium Pro

With more than 500 rounds through it

With immaterial cleanings at each 100 round point

Never had an issues, and it has the best handle of any

Weapon under $700 I’ve ever gotten a handle on

I purchased in 2017 for $210, that included gun, case, 2 fastens, and the prize

Cleaning pack.

I own couple of guns and this has been an unfathomable weapon


AUGUST 20, 2019 AT 9:07 PM

I have a Raging Bull in .454 Casul which I really like. It’s considerably more pleasant to shoot than my .460 XVR or DE .50AE. Right when you fire it has a sharp yet smooth power and sneaks up abruptly on any target.


AUGUST 19, 2019 AT 12:20 PM

All through the long haul , I have asserted various Taurus weapons. I have a model 62 carbine in tempered steel and it is a tack driver in .22lr. I have a PT-22, PT-99, PT-909, PT-111 Pro, PT-709, PT-809, PT-throughout the day, consistently 9mm Pro, PT all day every day G2 .45ACP, Judge 6.5″ barrel in .45 Colt/.41

Exactly when the Brazilian gun maker moved to the United States during the 1970s and was conveying Smith and Wesson gun clones, its quality was all in or full scale.

Incredibly, in any event, following a long time of improved CNC device and quality control, countless the people who checked Taurus as deny never allowed Taurus back out of the compartment.

Have people declared issues with Taurus handguns? Obviously, anyway I know people who have had hazardous Springfields and horrendously expensive Kimbers returned back to the shop on various events for noteworthy issues.
Features and specs:

5″ barrel

8-round magazine

Novak Drift adaptable front and back sights

As a rule length: 8.5″

As a rule weight: 42 ounces

Taurus 1911 owners state:

One of my best shooting weapons

I’ve shot around a thousand rounds through it and no issue

I love the careful attention

Do you own a Taurus? Which model do you think should be more acclaimed? Let us know in the comments underneath.

— –

Director’s note: this post was at first appropriated in April 2015. It has been completely invigorated and revamped for clarity and precision.

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Regardless of the haters, the current gathering at Taurus is dedicated to building an incredibly improved weapon. Solicit Taurus owners today their conclusion from their guns and the majority of them don’t complain.

Taking everything into account, which Taurus handguns are the most celebrated? Here are our principle six first in class Taurus handguns.

(Note: This isn’t an overview of “the best” Taurus handguns… it’s fundamentally which ones are the first class).

1. G2C

taurus handguns – G2C

In the past called the PT111 G2C, the Taurus G2C is open in 9mm and .40 S&W and arrives in a couple of consummations. Exceptionally modest! top-selling Taurus G2C features a matte treated steel slide and dull polymer layout.

Like the Millennium, Millennium Pro and G2 before it, the G2C is an exact, strong and solid firearm offered at a lower esteem point than a couple of weapons from battling brands.

Features and specs:

3.2″ barrel

12-round magazine

3-spot sights

For the most part length: 6.2″

For the most part weight: 22 ounces

Taurus G2C owners state:

Moderate, smooth, trustworthy!

Exceptional CCW and self-insurance gun

Exceptional gun… I got (it) to leave in my truck

2. TX22

taurus handguns – tx22

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